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Mexican Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetables are really important. If you love vegetarian dishes, this is the place for you.

Vegetables are made with salads, sauces, garnishes, soups, hors d’oeuvres and main meals. To preserve their nutritional value, they must be cooked in little water or steamed and not left for a long time in the fire.

From time to time it is good to dispense with the meat and make a plate of vegetables as the main food, or use them as a base for a meat dish.

All these dishes, besides being tasty and nutritious, are cheap.

What are vegetables for?

Vegetables are great food for our body. We can not do without them because they contain proteins, mineral salts and vitamins in abundance.

Seasonal vegetables have more nutritional value than others and are also less expensive.

It is better to eat them raw, because they conserve their nutritious elements, but you should always disinfect them.

You have to buy them in small quantities to prevent them from rotting and when buying them you must take care that their color is bright and that they are firm when you touch them.

Vegetables for any time

To prepare the vegetables it is advisable to use a pressure cooker, so the cooking time will be shorter.

Whenever you can use them raw and wash them perfectly.

Sauces and chilies prepared in different ways flavor the diet and add nutritional value.

For its lightness and freshness take salads and little bread when you want to control your weight.

In hot season it is advisable to use vegetables with the first dish.