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Mexican Recipes Now


Mexican Dessert Recipes

The tradition of Mexican desserts is old and refined. Each region of Mexico has its candy and typical desserts.

The desserts from before were perfected throughout the colony and their flavors are very delicate because they are usually prepared with nuts, almonds and pine nuts.

The puddings and cocadas have very different ways of presenting themselves. There are more than 200 recipes to prepare coconut candy!

Pastries and threads, if made at home, are cheaper and incomparably tastier than those made in series and sold in malls.

Do not use too much sugar!

Most desserts are made with sugar. Therefore, we must know what its advantages and disadvantages are.

Sugar is found in honey made by bees and can be extracted from plants such as cane and beets

Although it is a source of energy, sugar promotes the formation of tooth decay, obesity and diabetes.

It must be consumed with care and moderation. One recommendation is to eat fruits that contain sugar naturally.

Fruit drinks are healthier and more nutritious than sodas and soft drinks sold bottled. It is more appetizing and also cheaper to accompany the food with lemonade or with papaya water. Always boil the water.