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Mexican Recipes Now

Meat Recipes

Meatballs with eggs inside

Meatballs in chile pasilla

Mexican Recipes with meat

Meat is always the main dish. There are many methods of preparing meats. They can be presented with sauces, pickled or roasted and combined with all kinds of bittersweet or spicy flavors.

For large mexican parties, it is good to prepare a leg of pork or mutton well marinated. A red-wine cue requires long cooking, but it is very satisfying and tasty.

In Mexico the beef muscle is usually thought of when talking about meat. The term also applies to the viscera such as liver and belly, and other animals, such as pig, sheep, goat, rabbit, hare, also provide delicious meats.

Meats, especially the liver, are the best source of iron and provide protein, vitamins and fat variations.

We advise you to enjoy the meat, but do it with moderation, as they are expensive and shrink your budget. They are also rich in cholesterol, a substance that should not be eaten in excess.

Curiosities about meat

  • It is good that the meat is consumed at least twice a week in stews or in broths.
  • Any kind of meat can be softened if it is cooked for a long time and simmered.
  • The cheaper cuts are as nutritious as the others.
  • Meat is a protein rich food, necessary for food.